Southwest Conference
Humble and Enco Gas Premiums

Humble Oil was the major sponsor of the Southwest Conference Radio Broadcasts. They distributed paper schedules, schedule coins, schedule decals and more...
Some are marked Humble, some Enco, some not marked at all. Also included on this page are the frosted glass Varsity Tumbler giveaways from Mobil.
The Banner above is an actual Gas Station Promational Banner. Click the banner to see the wording on the back!
"Use of this material is reserved to Humble Oil & Refining Company and authroized dealers in its products"

Below is a sample of the Gas premiums.

Frosted Seal Glasses

Frosted Pennant Glasses

Tin Pennants

Schedule Coins


Fold-up Schedules

Pennant Sets

Schedule Decals

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Other Premiums

Humble Ads in SWC Football Programs

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