2007 Edition
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The Southwest Conference
Most notably Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech.
The SWC finally ended in 1995 after Arkansas fled to the SEC in 1990.

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A Look Back at the SWC
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February 25th
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Earl vs. Bevo

1954 Cotton Bowl
1957 Sugar Bowl
1961 Sugar Bowl
1969 Cotton Bowl
1970 Cotton Bowl
1973 Gator Bowl
1974 Peach Bowl
1989 All American Bowl
1995 Copper Bowl

Familiar Ground
Fourth appearance at the Gator Bowl and fourth bowl win since 2002! Had actually given up on the comeback kids and was watching a little Winter Classic hockey... until they started making that famous fourth quarter comeback in the wanning seconds!

A little boring...
Aggies dominate when the 13th-ranked Longhorns don't show up for the Showdown. The team paraded Franchione to the center of the field, then less than an hour later he resigned.

How sweet it is!!!
Upsett Tech knocks off third-ranked OU!!!
We just made 'em look silly!

OU still sucks!
What time is it?
Lots of great uni-centric close-up photos from our Row 4 seats at the Texas OU game. The new Tackle Twill numbers rock - brings Texas to the big time (okay, so they now match their big time status...) and a nifty little bluebonnet decal on the helmet honoring Lady bird.

Uni Updates
Saw Rice's new helmet for the first time... while a bit bland it does offer branding consistent with the more known baseball team. Love the stripes on the pants!
Rice Rice Rice!

Speaking of helmets - I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the dark SMU one. They actually changed it a couple of years ago, but they altererd the pony outline and it looks sweet.
Neat billboard here!
In Action

Not sure why Tech wore red pants against SMU when they wore their traditional whites at Rice, but we are the RED Raiders...
See the Contrast

Aggie unis in action - love the classic pant stripes! And the gray number outlie really highlights those stripes.
Classic Maroon

Update on Aggie Unis
Unveiling July 28th
Totally dig the stripes on the pants - but not sure about the modern sleeve cuff... hopefully it will look better with pads.

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Texas Sports Hall of Fame
A new SWC wing will be opened.
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Aggies Get New Unis
A new Adidas contract (far more lucrative the than crummy Nike one) will bring back a little nostalgia with a classic look - and something totally new

Virtual SWC

2007 SWC Matchups
TCU - SEP 01 - Baylor
SMU - SEP 03 - Tech
Baylor - SEP 08 - Rice
Texas - SEP 08 - TCU
Rice - SEP 15 - Tech
Texas - SEP 22 - Rice
TCU - SEP 22 - SMU
A&M - SEP 29 - Baylor
Houston - OCT 13 - Rice
Tech - OCT 13 - A&M
Baylor - OCT 20 - Texas
Baylor - NOV 03 - Tech
Houston - NOV 04 - SMU
SMU - NOV 10 - Rice
Texas - NOV 10 - Tech
A&M - NOV 23 - Texas
Houston - DEC 28 - TCU*

Virtual SWC Records
4 - Texas - 1
4 - Tech - 1
3 - TCU - 1*
2 - Texas A&M - 1
2 - Houston - 1*
1 - Baylor - 4
1 - Rice - 4
0 - SMU - 4
0 - Arkansas - 0

Overall Records
10 - Texas - 3*
9 - Tech - 4*
8 - TCU - 5*
8 - Houston - 5*
8 - Arkansas - 5*
7 - Texas A&M - 6*
7 - SMU - 6
3 - Baylor - 9
3 - Rice - 9
* Denotes a Bowl Game



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