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The Southwest Conference
Most notably Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech.
The SWC finally ended in 1995 after Arkansas fled to the SEC in 1990.

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1954 Cotton Bowl
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1973 Gator Bowl
1974 Peach Bowl
1989 All American Bowl
1995 Copper Bowl
1977 Texas OU

A legend dies...
No, not the Cotton Bowl, that's old news. TCU's Sammy Baugh died on the Dec 17th in Lubbock at the age of 94.

11-0 or 6-5... it's still a Cotton Bowl for Tech - and the BCS is worthless!
The BCS just sucks! How an 11-0 school goes to the Cotton Bowl and a crummy 8-5 team from a lackluster conference goes to a BCS bowl is beyond me! The BCS is so broke it's ridiculous! To quote Mack Brown: "I think if an eight-win team that wins a conference championship gets in the BCS and Texas Tech doesn't at 11--1, that's not fair either."

Boomer Sooner, by definition, is a cheater...
For those who didn't know a Sooner is "a person who settles on government land before it is legally opened to settlers in order to gain the choice of location" or "a person who gains an unfair advantage by getting ahead of others". Stoops had the gall to say he didn't believe in all this campaigning to swing BCS voters... hipocritic scumbag. Your star QB is still in the game with 30 seconds left trying to score? Or better yet... that disgusting display in the last few seconds of the BeatByTexas.com Bowl with a commanding lead over Misourri on the last play of the game - he goes for the touchdown. Douchebag! Way to go Zero U!

Big XII South goes to...
The winner of the Big XII South is decided this year by the fifth tie-breaker... the current BCS Ranking. Therefore handing the Big XII title to OU. First of all, the Big XII Championship Game should be between the two BEST teams in the Big XII - what a game that would have been, a second meeting between the Longhorns and those damn Sooners. Texas sure put up a fight though... the 45-35 campaign, the "Enjoy the BeatByTexas.com Bowl" banner flying at the championship game. More fuel to the fire for college football playoffs - of ANY level!

Well, that sucked...
I tried so hard not to bite. Don't count on anything, don't expect nothing... Harrell front and center, the lead photo on the Heisman QB Shootout story in SI, all the sudden cred in the media stating we were actually worth the hype... Don't bite, don't talk smack, just enjoy each glorious moment and enjoy 11-0! And then it happened, I opened my mouth just a teeny bit, committed right, and they went left... I knew when my dad had bet lunch on the game that it was over. It finally happened, that public humiliation (usually just a national tv game that noone may be watching) on a far grander scale to reduce my Red Raiders into their spoiler role they play so well. All I can say... damn you, OU sux!

Wreck'em Tech!
Like I always say.... Bad things happen to Longhorns in Lubbock! Some classic signs were on display at Gameday. Tech dominated the first half and then won in typical Friday Night Lights, Saturday Night Fireworks dramatic fashion! Bedlam ensued, the Real McCoy was revealed, and in the end... Leach left the field in Guns Up stance! Fortunately our tough Big 12 got some long needed cred, but unfortunately Tech was ranked #2 instead of #5 below OU... possibly setting us up for collossal failure!

For the Tech Call of the play, watch this video!
For the donning of Raider Red's head, click the picture!

Just in time for Texas OU!!
Once again we have a priceless offering from our friends neighbors up north... In 1902 OU apparently hired a Texas Longhorn (Mark McMahan) to coach their football team!

Which reminds me...

What time is it?

Hail to the SEC...
...whatever! What the hell happened to Arkansas? Thought they were so superior to SWC talent that they had to go find a better league. Shouldn't the "better" competition make you, well, I don't know... better? They were absolutely drilled by the Longhorns on Saturday... maybe it's the unis. Of course, I have always thought the SEC was overrated...

And I find it quite sickening that Zero U has made it to the Number One spot, ugh. Speaking of nuseated feelings, a Texas Tech ranking of 7th in the nation can ONLY mean massive public humiliation later on down the road... but, let's hope not!

Baylor Turns Old School
Thought the jerseys were rather plain, pretty much the same since 2006 when they droopped the side panels. I do like the BU on the shoulder in the absence of any TV numbers. Seems it might have less detail this year though. What I first thought was a nicely understated tribute, is actually the player's number on the helmet - notice the NCAA logo mod with Big XII. Not sure I have ever seen them this small! Not crazy about the gray facemask - probably the biggest knod to the old Baylor Line by bringing it back. But throwback is only cool when it looks good. Sigh... still a Nike school though. There are at least six logos visible in that picture, with two more implied.

Cougs make the Nike switch
Nike has sucked in U of H! Can't see the back of this - so I don't know if it has those stupid butt stripes that arkansas was so blessed with! I will add the pants are white with a thick red stripe. Not sure where all the blue went?
New Nike Jersey

Arkansas and Adidas
Adidas actually got one wrong... Arkansas's new jersey features some bizarre butt stripes... on the ass (yea, tucked in). Arkansas Football website claims that the new unis combined several traditional parts of the Razorbacks with a couple of new twists. The site likens the side horns to hog tusks. But what about those butt stripes - hmmm, now that is where I would like to put a hog tusk!
Arkansas New Jersey

Ponies Get New Unis
With a new coach change must come... claiming the fans have spoken, the ponies will return to their white helmet roots.
"The fans have spoken and we have listened. Since I arrived at SMU, I have stated that I wanted to return the Mustang football program to national prominence," said SMU Director of Athletics Steve Orsini. "When people think of SMU, they think of white helmets with a red Mustang logo. When you have a rich tradition like we do here at SMU, it only makes sense to draw from that."
Rich tradition like we do here at SMU... are you kidding me - good thing he didn't say a rich tradition of winning!

Looks like the dark horse is back...
Red White and Blue Unis

Nike Arrogance
The move to Adidas by the Aggies was done because Byrne met with a Nike representative and requested the same deal as A&Mís chief rival, Texas. Byrne said he was offended when the rep told him, ďYouíre not as good as they are and youíre probably never going to be.Ē That statement made Byrneís decision to switch to adidas even easier, he said, in addition to what was a more lucrative deal.
The news story is here

Virtual SWC

2008 SWC Matchups
Rice - AUG 29 - SMU
Tech - SEP 13 - SMU
Texas - SEP 13 - Arkansas
SMU - SEP 20 - TCU
Texas - SEP 20 - Rice
Texas - SEP 27 - Arkansas
A&M - OCt 18 - Tech
SMU - OCT 18 - Houston
Tech - NOV 1 - Texas
Texas - NOV 8 - Baylor
Baylor - NOV 15 - A&M
Texas - NOV 27 - A&M
Tech - NOV 29 - Baylor
Rice - NOV 29 - Houston

Virtual SWC Records
4 - Tech - 0
4 - Texas - 1
2 - Rice - 1
1 - TCU - 0
1 - Houston - 1
1 - Baylor - 2
0 - Arkansas - 1
0 - Texas A&M - 3
0 - SMU - 4

Overall Records
12 - Texas - 1*
11 - Tech - 2*
11 - TCU - 2*
10 - Rice - 3*
8 - Houston - 5*
5 - Arkansas - 7
4 - Baylor - 8
4 - Texas A&M - 8
1 - SMU - 11
* Denotes a Bowl Game

In the Wash
From a uni standpoint, Texas is tried and true with a classic look. Tech looks good in their Under Armour even if it is a more modern look (I would love it if the stripes found their way back on the helmets) - but don't fix what ain't broke, it's a new era of football at Tech. A&M... well, at least they look good! And I guess the ponies should have stuck with the blue helmet!

10.13.08 - Susan, I love your web-site, SWCFootball. -Jay B

09.03.08 - I had to chuckle when I read that SMU is going back to their "roots" by sporting white helmets. If they truly wished to go back that far, they'd wear all red (leather or plastic). As a native San Antonian, I remember their uniforms from the Doak Walker-Kyle Rote-Pat Knight era: red helmets (no stripes), red jerseys (no stripes), white numerals, and gray pants. No blue at all to be seen. (For what it's worth, in the 1940s I watched many a high school game with Rote and Knight in the backfield for the Jefferson Mustangs.) Much to my father's annoyance, each football season I'd plaster the windows of the family car with those Humble Oil giveaway pennants in SWC team colors. As I recall they were placed on the outside of the windows and made for difficult removal (once the season was over, that chore was mine). Keep up the good work. -Warren Thompson, Lebanon PA

09.03.08 - BTW, Susan, thatís an amazing site on SWC you have. Good work. -Justin in AR (via Uni Watch)

07.04.08 - I love your SWC site. I've put up a season-ending wrap the last two years: the final SWC standings, using Jeff Sagarin's rankings. Hope you'll check it out. Go Owls! -John Cunyus

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