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The Southwest Conference
Most notably Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech.
The SWC finally ended in 1995 after Arkansas fled to the SEC in 1990.

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SWC Bowl Games
The SWC is 1-0 in their bowl games so far. SMU made a major statement in the whatever Hawai'i Bowl (no idea why that spelling...).

Final Week of Regular Season

Wow... what a week of football! The Lonestar Showdown was one of the best I have ever seen - so glad I spent the extra bucks and got a 50 yard line ticket in the lower deck! It was ESPNU the next morning as an Instant Classic. Houston is 10-2... and TCU has its first undefeated seasone ever!

Aggie Bonfire 10 Year Memorial
There's a spirit can ne'er be told... No white throwback helmets for the Ags on Thanksgiving. Instead their helmet side decal will be a memorial. Nice logo! Should be a pretty emotional fare... I worry if the Horns will come out of there with a win. As for the Texas throwbacks, a game day shirt with the slogan "It only takes Eleven" was in the queue. And I was offended by it as I was the OU shirt. Okay sure, poke fun at the 12th man. But isn't the 12th Man actually the fan...? So, Nike is cutting their actual target audience? Well, the shirt never surfaced - since the Memorial Decal is being worn on the helmet for the game, I think someone thought it might be a little insensitive to poke fun at the Spirit of Aggieland. Or... maybe, since the OU shirt was so successful for the Sooners, they just ditched it!

Stake our claim, my ass!
What the hell is this crap??? I was offended by the Texas t-shirt (more on that next week) for Nike's Pro-combat... er, Pro-dumbass promotion for their ridiculous super hero unis for rivalry week, um... rivalry month? Oh wait - no, just a way to rob a team of its identity and re-brand them as Nike. But the OU shirt takes the cake. Oh hell, screw OU, Nike sux! I hope we wear all black for this Under Armour/Nike battle.... oh, I just got the promotion. It's not pro-combat for the rivalry... it's pro-combat for Nike against the other uni makers!!!
We did wear black and... is anyone keeping score? How is Pro-Combat doing against the other uni makers?

Spitting Blood is a Defensive Move...
Even the old SWC teams are not immune from Nike's tireless efforts to rob a team of its identity and re-brand them as Nike!
Spitting blood from your eyes - that is the explanation for the red on TCU's Pro-combat helmet. Hmmm.... I like the idea of the scales on the pants, although at closer look it's really just more spirographics... Overall, silly.
Okay, so the TCU unis did not look so bad on the field.

1977 Earl Campbell Carries Rice Player into the Endzone
The play is revisted by an ESPN columnist who interviews the players involved. And check out the sidebar on the article! I indirectly help the author find the unintentional hitchhiker about a year ago on one of my favorite websites (Uni Watch).

Starting to feel like the Old SWC
Texas A&M beats Tech in Lubbock... what the? Seems like the old days when we lose to the bad teams and beat SOME of the good teams. At least it was not possible to see the game since it was blacked out EVERYWHERE!

What time is it???

What time is it?

Texas OU in the Cotton Bowl
Kickin' it in northeast Oklahoma this Sunday evening and one of the news channels did a poll on where the Texas OU game should be played. 72% said it should stay in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl!

Bob in Savannah
Savannah Oklahoma has a OU fan who predicts the score every week. Saturday evening he already had his Texas OU prediction up - I am sure the paint wasn't even dry yet... but I am afraid Bob has started to lose it. While his predictions are usually not too bad, his freshly painted sign said OU 47, Texas 17.... yea, laughable!

Uh-oh... SI has it in for TCU
TCU is in my pink wordmarked Sports Illustrated... expect a dive soon.

Southwest Classic

The new Cowboy Stadium provided another classic SWC match-up that has not happened for quite some time. The Aggies wore 1978 era throwback helmets with their white unis. Well, sort of - the logo was the current one, not the skinny one of that era. Oh, and there was no place for "pearl" in the SWC!!! However... cool because it was all kept under wraps pretty well. The players did not know until they arrived in the locker room on Saturday. The white helmet with maroon logo and facemask, with numbers on the back was certainly a different look. Would have been sweet had they worn those cool jerseys with the stripes running from the neck to the sleeve. But the true story here is... if they did it for the Arkansas game, will they do it for the Texas game since Texas is wearing throwbacks???

First Meeting since SWC
I was excited about the classic SWC matchup (complete with the old school feel of Robertson Stadium - even though they had never played in this venue). But that was a little too much like the SWC! Texas Tech has already had three SWC games - and we sit here at 1-2! :/ It can be tough being a Tech fan. Every time you get a taste of the big time, you are humbly crack-backed by a lesser entity. So this is one of those years of the average Tech fan... supreme mediocrity with a couple of big wins. Man it sucks getting beat by Cougar High!

Holy Running Hog!

You don't see me throw many kudos in the direction of the Razorbacks... still bitter. But - ABSOLUTE MAJOR KUDOS for getting rid of that crappy ass stylized logo and returning to SWC roots with the Running Hog! Prominently displayed at midfield - kind of large - but I am all for it! It's a thing of beauty. Way to go Pig Sooey, way to go!

Huge SWC Matchup Today
19 Sep 2009
Love the College Game Day promo!


Everyone in the B1g 12 South is 1-0 except OU! A week later that still makes a little chuckle flow out - hard to squelch it, just makes me giddy!

What time is it?

Oregon of the Big 12
Baylor's unis WERE perfect... Old school - up the middle, up the middle to the left, up the middle to the right... Okay, so their offense style has changed a bit - but it's not like Tech who have an entirely modern game and completely fill those Under Armour shoes. While those "Old Baylor Line" stripes are gone from the pants, at least Nike did not remove them from the helmet. Not to be outdone though - in the wake of those awful green helmets in 2005-2007 which were actually called "Oregon Green" we now have white helmets... Wait, what??? Let's be clear... Baylor wears gold in case you didn't know! They even f*cked up the mascot... :/ Thank you Nike, you suck!

Thanksgiving Throwbacks!
Texas announced they will be wearing 60's era throwbacks for this year's annual Thanksgiving match-up. Now my giddiness withstanding and complete appreciation with this move in the wake of my dad's passing (how fitting for the first A&M-Texas game without him), there are still a couple of problems. First and foremost... A&M has yet to make a similar announcement completing this beauty of a Thanksgiving Day. Secondly, with no specific year represented by the unis, they are a mismatch of old school and Nike Nausea. They will have the numbers above the Longhorn on the helmets (although, those hideous new helmets) as they wore from 1963-1966. As for the rest of the uni... not so vintage. The TEXAS wordmark is way too small for that time period (although I believe the wordmark was only on practice jerseys). And there is all kinds of jikky Nike crap going on with the We Are Texas collar trim, apex shield, and DKR Texas patch on the pants. A similar homage was done in 2005 for the home opener in 2005 was executed much better with the 1963 unis.
Examples of the real deal below.

1962 Cotton Bowl Uni  1963 Cotton Bowl Uni  1964 Cotton Bowl Uni  1965 Orange Bowl Uni
1969 Cotton Bowl Uni 

Virtual SWC

2009 SWC Matchups
Tech - SEP 12 - Rice
Texas - SEP 19 - Tech
Houston - SEP 26 - Tech
A&M - OCT 3 - Arkansas
Houston - OCt 24 - SMU
Tech - OCT 24 - A&M
SMU - NOV 7 - Rice
Baylor - NOV 14 - Texas
A&M - NOV 21 - Baylor
A&M - NOV 26 - Texas
Baylor - NOV 28 - Tech
Houston - NOV 28 - Rice

Virtual SWC Records
3 - Texas - 0
3 - Houston - 0
1 - TCU - 0
1 - Arkansas - 0
2 - Texas A&M - 2
2 - Tech - 3
1 - SMU - 2
0 - Baylor - 3
0 - Rice - 3

Overall Records
13 - Texas - 1*
12 - TCU - 1*
10 - Houston - 4*
9* - Tech - 4
8* - Arkansas - 5
8 - SMU - 5*
6 - Texas A&M - 7*
4 - Baylor - 8
2 - Rice - 10
* Denotes a Bowl Game

In the Wash
From a uni standpoint, Texas is tried and true with a classic look. Tech looks good in their Under Armour even if it is a more modern look (I would love it if the stripes found their way back on the helmets) - but don't fix what ain't broke, it's a new era of football at Tech. Baylor lost its old school look and is now the Oregon of the Big 12. A&M... well, at least they look good! And I guess the ponies should have stuck with the blue helmet!

11.24.09 - Fantastic website, btw -- I remember the SWC fondly...and sometimes not so fondly ;) -Jason S

11.01.09 - I found your SWC link and forwarded it to 20 friends from the UofArkansas. You have done a wonderful job. Very best regards, Uof A Razorback 66-72 -David E

10.29.09 - I just stumbled across your website... it's great!! -Eric

10.13.08 - Susan, I love your web-site, SWCFootball. -Jay B

09.03.08 - I had to chuckle when I read that SMU is going back to their "roots" by sporting white helmets. If they truly wished to go back that far, they'd wear all red (leather or plastic). As a native San Antonian, I remember their uniforms from the Doak Walker-Kyle Rote-Pat Knight era: red helmets (no stripes), red jerseys (no stripes), white numerals, and gray pants. No blue at all to be seen. (For what it's worth, in the 1940s I watched many a high school game with Rote and Knight in the backfield for the Jefferson Mustangs.) Much to my father's annoyance, each football season I'd plaster the windows of the family car with those Humble Oil giveaway pennants in SWC team colors. As I recall they were placed on the outside of the windows and made for difficult removal (once the season was over, that chore was mine). Keep up the good work. -Warren Thompson, Lebanon PA

09.03.08 - BTW, Susan, thatís an amazing site on SWC you have. Good work. -Justin in AR (via Uni Watch)

07.04.08 - I love your SWC site. I've put up a season-ending wrap the last two years: the final SWC standings, using Jeff Sagarin's rankings. Hope you'll check it out. Go Owls! -John Cunyus

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