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The Southwest Conference
Most notably Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech.
The SWC finally ended in 1995 after Arkansas fled to the SEC in 1990.

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SWC in the Rose Bowl
Congrats to TCU - way to show them you can play with the "Big Boys"! By the way, those "Big Boys" went 0-5 today... Big 10 who? Oh sorry... B1G who? My only disappointment was the fact that TCU wore those stupid BFBS (Black for Black Sake for you non Uni Watchers) jerseys. The whole Pro Combat douchebaggery is just to promote Nike, not the teams!

To clarify my beef with Nike - they rid a uni of any school colors in order to draw attention to their new line of shoes! Which by the way, suck - those new Vapor Talons that Nike was so proud of (and supposedly improve traction) got dogged over and over by the game announcers because TCU was slippoing all over the place! Hilarious! And TCU still pulled out the win against the "Big Boys"!
Great move on ditching the Pro Combat helmet and going with a more recognizable purple with, of course, a rose in the teeth!

With that win, SWC is 3-0 in their last three Rose Bowls! For the record, 3-1 overall with an SMU loss early in the history of the Grandaddy Bowl.

The Real Cotton Bowl
Loved the old school feild graphics at the "real Cotton Bowl" today! Sad to see so few people in the stands though - hope there continues to be a bowl game in this wonderful stadium (second only to he Rose Bowl stadium)!

Tech apparently has some of those silly gloves...

Uni Disasters
Hopefully, no one recognized Tech in their beatdown by OU with the reappearance of the white helmets. I really liked the white helmet idea, but paired with piping unis - it looks like crap! As for Baylor's white helmet I was really against (because... well, Baylor just wears gold helmets...) - I kind of took a liking to watching the game Saturday. Maybe because because it was nice to look at in contrast to this Aggie disaster. What the hell are those pants??? Aggies wear stripes!

2010 - an homage to SWC
Beating teams you shouldn't and losing to teams you should beat...
First, Rice beats Houston!
Tech loses to Texas AT HOME and then the Longhorns completely tank.
Baylor starts to dominate, but Tech beats them in the previously unlucky Cotton Bowl stadium.
Baylor beats Texas... in Austin!

What time is it???

What time is it?

I knew it!
Just as I thought (I was suspicious due to the absence of any practice photos in said white helmets)! Texas Tech donned the white throwback (or more appropriately titled, "Auburn-look" helmets for Saturday's game. Only sorry this look did not grace my tv... I was a big fan when these were leaked months ago, and I think I like the look, although a red jersey might look better. But then, it might not matter without those badass pants stripes from the 70s.

Start it off right!
With all the conference mix-ups in the off-season and the continued threat of a possible Big XII demise, it just makes the old SWC that more special. And what a way to start off the college football season...TWO SWC match-ups this weekend!

What was that all about?
TCU wore something completely different than what was advertised. Most notably a lighter pro-comabt helmet - complete with blood stripes??? And pro-combat pants??? It looked like the jersey was the ONLY thing that wasn't pro-combat instead of the only pro-combat uni element. Except the jersey had scaled numbers too - don't remember that from last year. No purple helmet... in fact, hardly any purple - are their colors now black and grey?!?

Uni Update Wrap-up
Baylor continues to be the Oregon of the Big 12 with new green pants (er, shorts) - and they wonder why they get no respect!

Arkansas traded silly jersey side husks for a quite possibly more ridiculous odd-shaped panel... meh, I really hate stupid strips of integrated jersey mesh... But why not go completely bush league and add Oregon-esque name on your pants... er, shorts? I might like the black trimmed sooie pig logo on the shoulders, though - need to see it in action!

Devastating changes to the Aggie unis after such promise with the T star addition above the nameplate. Ridiculous square collar for the sole purpose of displaying the Addidas logo more prominently (blame Nike for that one!) and stupid jersey piping with no sleeve trim - completely ruined the Aggie unis. But the worst of it - the exquisite pants stripes have been replaced with piping.

Previous excitement about an old school white Texas Tech helmet (but looking remarkably like Tuber's old team) rumored to be an alt appears to have disipated. Uni Watch claims it is only being used in practice to combat the heat. Not sure that is true, though. Love the stripes, but feel if a retro was to be considered, the 3D Double T should be replaced by a clean one - actually, I wish they would just do that anyway!

Froggie Defense
Unfortunately, TCU has decided to remain with part of the Nike pro-combat douchebag uni - except, of course, for the best part (the pants - silly to some, one of the only fun things to come out of Nike Pro-combat douchebaggery - and the blood spitting stripes on the helmet).

I love that star T!
The aggies have added the star T logo to their jersey above the nameplates.

Virtual SWC

2010 SWC Matchups
Rice - SEP 4 - Texas
Tech - SEP 5 - SMU
TCU - SEP 18 - Baylor
Tech - SEP 18 - Texas
SMU - SEP 24 - TCU
Rice - SEP 25 - Baylor
Rice - OCT 2 - SMU
Tech - OCt 9 - Baylor
A&M - OCT 9 - Arkansas
Rice - OCT 16 - Houston
SMU - OCT 23 - Houston
Texas - OCT 30 - Baylor
A&M - OCT 30 - Tech
Baylor - NOV 13 - A&M
Texas - NOV 25 - A&M
Tech - NOV 27 - Houston

Virtual SWC Records
2 - TCU - 0
1 - Arkansas - 0
3 - Texas A&M - 1
3 - Tech - 2
2 - Texas - 2
1 - Houston - 1
2 - Baylor - 3
1 - SMU - 3
1 - Rice - 3

Overall Records
13 - TCU - 0*
10 - Arkansas - 2
9 - Texas A&M - 3
8 - Tech - 5*
7 - Baylor - 6*
7 - SMU - 7*
5 - Houston - 7
5 - Texas - 7
4 - Rice - 8
* Denotes a Bowl Game

In the Wash
From a uni standpoint, Texas = tried and true. I give Tech a pass because their Under Armour look is actually appropriate for their style - as much as I would love to see pant and helmet stripes come back (and I really don't like the red jersies paired with the white pants). SMU has some solid aspects - and of course, bonus points for the stripes! Aggies took the biggest hit this year - had perfection last year and pretty much scrapped it.

09.01.10 - You do have a most interesting website - Bob J

11.24.09 - Fantastic website, btw -- I remember the SWC fondly...and sometimes not so fondly ;) -Jason S

11.01.09 - I found your SWC link and forwarded it to 20 friends from the UofArkansas. You have done a wonderful job. Very best regards, Uof A Razorback 66-72 -David E

10.29.09 - I just stumbled across your website... it's great!! -Eric

10.13.08 - Susan, I love your web-site, SWCFootball. -Jay B

09.03.08 - I had to chuckle when I read that SMU is going back to their "roots" by sporting white helmets. If they truly wished to go back that far, they'd wear all red (leather or plastic). As a native San Antonian, I remember their uniforms from the Doak Walker-Kyle Rote-Pat Knight era: red helmets (no stripes), red jerseys (no stripes), white numerals, and gray pants. No blue at all to be seen. (For what it's worth, in the 1940s I watched many a high school game with Rote and Knight in the backfield for the Jefferson Mustangs.) Much to my father's annoyance, each football season I'd plaster the windows of the family car with those Humble Oil giveaway pennants in SWC team colors. As I recall they were placed on the outside of the windows and made for difficult removal (once the season was over, that chore was mine). Keep up the good work. -Warren Thompson, Lebanon PA

09.03.08 - BTW, Susan, thatís an amazing site on SWC you have. Good work. -Justin in AR (via Uni Watch)

07.04.08 - I love your SWC site. I've put up a season-ending wrap the last two years: the final SWC standings, using Jeff Sagarin's rankings. Hope you'll check it out. Go Owls! -John Cunyus

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This website is in memory of my father, Bill Freeman, who gave me my passion for the SWC.


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