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The Southwest Conference
Most notably Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Rice, SMU, Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, and Texas Tech.
The SWC finally ended in 1995 after Arkansas fled to the SEC in 1990.

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08.19.11 - VERY COOL WEBSITE!!! I'm not sure I could put it more succinctly or accurately than that. - Robert D

08.15.11 - Your Southwest Conference web site is absolutely fantastic. - JDD

02.12.11 - Thanks again for putting this website up and keeping the memory alive of the SWC - Walter F.

09.01.10 - You do have a most interesting website - Bob J

11.24.09 - Fantastic website, btw -- I remember the SWC fondly...and sometimes not so fondly ;) -Jason S

11.01.09 - I found your SWC link and forwarded it to 20 friends from the UofArkansas. You have done a wonderful job. Very best regards, Uof A Razorback 66-72 -David E

10.29.09 - I just stumbled across your website... it's great!! -Eric

10.13.08 - Susan, I love your web-site, SWCFootball. -Jay B

09.03.08 - I had to chuckle whena I read that SMU is going back to their "roots" by sporting white helmets. If they truly wished to go back that far, they'd wear all red (leather or plastic). As a native San Antonian, I remember their uniforms from the Doak Walker-Kyle Rote-Pat Knight era: red helmets (no stripes), red jerseys (no stripes), white numerals, and gray pants. No blue at all to be seen. (For what it's worth, in the 1940s I watched many a high school game with Rote and Knight in the backfield for the Jefferson Mustangs.) Much to my father's annoyance, each football season I'd plaster the windows of the family car with those Humble Oil giveaway pennants in SWC team colors. As I recall they were placed on the outside of the windows and made for difficult removal (once the season was over, that chore was mine). Keep up the good work. -Warren Thompson, Lebanon PA

09.03.08 - BTW, Susan, that’s an amazing site on SWC you have. Good work. -Justin in AR (via Uni Watch)

07.04.08 - I love your SWC site. I've put up a season-ending wrap the last two years: the final SWC standings, using Jeff Sagarin's rankings. Hope you'll check it out. Go Owls! -John Cunyus

Mini Blog Comments
Full blog can be read here

Well Played!

As you can see in Baylor's 2015 team photo, #61 is followed by #58. The score Baylor beat TCU by. While Baylor assures us this was a coincidence, that tweet from Nielsen (lined up by height) has since been deleted. There is also an 11-2 (their record last year).

Well, that wasn't so bad...
Just a lot of stupid hype about a black "Ice" Halloween night game one-off. Score = Stupid

Oh God, what now?

Everyone is worried about the new A&M alternate. Adidas and @AggieFBlife has been leaving cryptic tweets the whole week. Most say something stupid like night speed, looking fresh, and various other speed mentions - ugh, uniforms cannot make you fast. Some have promising hints like Texas Royalty, Football Legend, Original 12th Man, Football VIP that make me hope for some kind of 1957 John David Crow or maybe even a Gill throwback. But the underlying theme is that stupid exploded diamond pattern Adidas pushes. Which by the way has no "elevation" in the College Station area! And then there were snowflake emojis - and now we have ice...??? I can tell you one thing - if that gawd awful beveled ATM shows up on a helmet, my head will explode like that ice!

Working a Little Too Hard
Apologies for my absence last year! Had a huge project at work that required significantly more time. I do have all my notes and will be recreating the 2014 page for the archive. Scheduled matchups are posted and I will be filling in all the uni updates shortly.

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To 1st 2015 SWC Game

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1 Day until SWC Football!

Virtual SWC

2015 SWC Matchups
SMU - SEP 4 - Baylor
Texas - SEP 12 - Rice
TCU - SEP 19 - SMU
Arkansas - SEP 19 - Tech
Baylor - SEP 26 - Rice
Tech - SEP 26 - TCU
Arkansas - SEP 26 - A&M
Baylor - OCT 3 - Tech
TCU - OCT 3 - Texas
Houston - OCT 8 - SMU
Texas - NOV 26 - Tech
TCU - NOV 27 - Baylor
Baylor - DEC 5 - Texas

Virtual SWC Records
0 - Texas A&M - 0
0 - Tech - 0
0 - Houston - 0
0 - Texas - 0
0 - Baylor - 0
0 - TCU - 0
0 - Arkansas - 0
0 - SMU - 0
0 - Rice - 0

Overall Records
0 - Tech - 0
0 - Baylor - 0
0 - Houston - 0
0 - Texas A&M - 0
0 - Rice - 0
0 - Texas - 0
0 - TCU - 0
0 - Arkansas - 0
0 - SMU - 0
* Denotes a Bowl Game

In the Wash
Sticking with darker 2015 unis with the "tusks" and keeping it simple with 2 jerseys, 2 pants, and 2 helmets. They did however change to white cleats this year. Which was a pretty big deal because the coach always preferred black. He made it clear shoes don’t make a difference, but acknowledged that it meant a lot to the players (who were stoked in the video).

Oh brother, here we go... new gray with a silver chrome helmet. I don't actually hate this - if one of Baylor's colors was silver instead of gold. As for the base unis - there are so many, do we really care? The title of this article says it all. But, no new redesign since 2013 – just addition of elements. At least there are stripes on the pants – albeit, truncated.

Excellent (old) breakdown of Baylor unis in the Briles era and how the various mixes faired on the field. I am quite surprised by the last table in that link that shows the most worn mix is Gold-Green-Gold – and look at its record, 12-4! And most of those were pre 2012 when they were not winning as much! If you finish that table out to include all of 2014, it is the same because they did NOT wear Gold-Green-Gold that year. The Win-Loss breakdown:
2008 (4-8) = 5 games 3-2
2009 (4-8) = 3 games 2-1
2010 (7-6) = 2 games 1-1
2011 (10-3) = 4 games 4-0
2012 (8-5) = 1 game 1-0
2013 (11-2) = 1 game 1-0
2014 (11-2) = 0 games 0-0

No changes since last year's tweaks. Basic set of 2 pants, 2 jerseys, 2 helmets. I do still think there should be some blue in there though. The 2014 Andre Ware throwbacks were awesome! Oh, and of course they should dump that stupid 90s bevel logo!

No change this year. Clean and simple look with 2 jerseys, 2 pants, and 1 helmet. They could use some stripes on those pants though - or some gray pants. I have always favored the wide two color stripes on their pants.

No changes to the base unis since the 2014 return to old school (sort of). It's a good look with 3 jerseys, X pants, and the white helmet with stripes. Especially when they wear the blue jersey. I am partial to the gray pants too, since they have the wide stripes. Don't care much for their red chromed helmet. SMU should just ALWAYS have stripes on everything they do. I like the classic look of the jersey but really wish it had shoulder stripes.

Unfortuantely, there is another chromed helmet floating around that claims to be legit. I can't imagine that looking Good.

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Texas A&M
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Texas Tech
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In Loving Memory
This website is in memory of my father, Bill Freeman, who gave me my passion for the SWC.

2015 Matchup Helmets
All the throwback helmet matchups from the the middle column.
Should I make this section what they really wore this year?


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